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Created and hosted by Marmalade Trust, our annual campaign raises awareness of loneliness across the UK (and beyond!) and gets people talking about it.

Marmalade Trust is the UK’s leading loneliness charity offering support for all ages and the only charity in the world specifically dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness.

We launched Loneliness Awareness Week (‘LAW’) in 2017 and it grows in momentum each year. This year’s campaign, our 6th, welcomes not just the support we’ve come to recognise across the UK but has also received global traction in the US, Canada, Germany, and Australia!

Whilst we’re seeing an increase in discussion on the subject, stigma remains and there are some key misconceptions that still need to be challenged. Ask anyone to picture a lonely person and most will imagine an older person living on their own. As such, we often rebuke and dismiss feelings of loneliness because ‘that doesn’t apply to me’.

By identifying and acknowledging all the times that we have personally felt and experienced loneliness, we can start to change our viewpoint, accept it and understand how to take action to manage the feeling (and our social connections) in the future.